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Our modules are the highest quality on the market. Quality that pays off.

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Our modules get the best out of the sun. Even when it's cloudy.

30 year guarantee

Up to 30 years manufacturer guarantee for our glass-glass modules.

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Support the German economy with our balcony power plants.

100% Made in Germany

Whether for the balcony, the flat roof or the garden. With products from Meyer Burger, Solarnative & Lorenz, we enable a set that is 100% made in Germany.

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New generation of solar watt modules

Discover the latest solar modules with increased performance now. Choose from glass-glass or glass-film.

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Can it be a little bigger?

Run your entire household self-sufficiently with our Germany complete sets. Solar module, inverter, battery storage and energy manager. All from a single source!

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Balcony power plants for every application

Ready for immediate use

Ready-to-plug complete sets with German modules

Our sets are immediately ready for use. Connect the module to the inverter and off you go. Measure the performance conveniently via app.

Our modules are assembled exclusively in Germany.

Concentrated German expertise for optimal performance

How do balcony power plants work?

Find out how easy it is to generate your own electricity at home.

Step 1

Every ray of sunshine is captured by your solar system

The sun's energy is converted into usable electricity by your plug-in solar system, which is suitable for the balcony, roof or garden.

step 2

The electricity goes directly from your balcony into the socket

The electricity converted into alternating current goes directly from your solar system to your socket.

step 3

Make use of your own home-generated solar power

The electricity reaches your household network via the socket and is immediately ready for use.

BalkonVolt Duo 800
Balcony Volt Duo 800
€739,00 From €534,00 View Product

Balcony power station sets & accessories

In our range you can put together your own balcony power plant.

  • Micro inverter HERF-800 €169,00 €119,00
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    100% Robust

    We offer you only high-quality and robust modules in our sets.

    Any questions?

    Find out everything about balcony power plants.

    Can our sets be throttled to 600W?

    Yes, with our DCU communication unit you can easily adapt each set to the desired number of watts.

    What is a balcony power plant?

    A balcony power plant is a compact photovoltaic system that is installed on the balcony or terrace to generate clean solar energy.

    How does a balcony power plant work?

    A balcony power plant consists of solar panels that convert sunlight into direct current. An inverter then converts the direct current into household alternating current, which can be used directly in your own home.

    Can I cover my entire power requirement with a balcony power plant?

    A balcony power plant is usually designed to meet part of a household's electricity needs. The size of the balcony power plant depends on your individual consumption. An accurate calculation can help you determine the percentage of electricity generated.

    Is a permit required to install a balcony power plant?

    In most cases, no special permit is required for a balcony power plant. However, it is advisable to check with your local authority or landlord for any regulations or restrictions.

    What are the advantages of a balcony power plant?

    A balcony power plant allows you to generate environmentally friendly solar energy directly on site. You can produce your own electricity and thereby reduce your energy costs. In addition, you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and make a contribution to climate protection.


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