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Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our balcony power plants.

frequently asked Questions

These are the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Can your sets be throttled to 600W?

Yes, with our DCU communication unit you can easily adapt each set to the desired number of watts.

What is a balcony power plant?

A balcony power station is a small, compact solar system that is perfect for use on balconies, terraces or small open spaces. They make it possible to convert solar energy into usable electricity right where you live.

How is a balcony power plant installed?

Installing a balcony power plant is simple and straightforward. It is placed in a convenient place and plugged into a regular outlet with a special plug. In this way, the self-generated electricity can be used directly.

Can I also install a balcony power plant on the roof or in the garden?

Yes, balcony power plants can be used flexibly and can be installed not only on balconies, but also on roofs, in gardens or on other open spaces.

How much energy can I generate with a balcony power plant?

The amount of energy generated depends on the size of the balcony power plant and the light conditions. On a sunny day, a balcony power station can generate enough electricity to run small household appliances.

How environmentally friendly are balcony power plants?

Balcony power plants are very environmentally friendly as they use renewable energy sources. They reduce dependence on conventional energy sources and help reduce CO2 emissions.

What happens when it's cloudy or the sun doesn't shine?

Balcony power plants also generate electricity when the sky is cloudy, but the energy production is lower in this case. When the sun isn't shining, your household continues to be powered by the electricity grid.

Can problems arise with the property management or neighbors if a mini solar power plant is installed?

Yes. Neighbors could view a mini solar power plant as a visually detrimental change and therefore a disruption to their property. Even with proper installation, problems with neighbors or property management could arise. These could also result from shading on other balconies. In this case, a claim for removal could arise. Therefore, an amicable arrangement should be made in advance if disadvantages for third parties are to be expected.

Can mini solar power plants be set up outside the balcony?

Basically yes, if the technical requirements are met. In the garden, however, it should be noted that a solar system of a certain size (in Saxony, for example: height: 3 m; length: 9 m) requires a building permit, depending on state legislation.

Does the installation have to be carried out by a specialist company?

For safety reasons, it is recommended that the installation of the solar modules on the balcony be carried out by a qualified specialist. A socket in accordance with the DIN VDE V 0628-1 standard is required to feed surplus electricity that is not directly used into the public network. This should be set up by a certified electrical installer according to technical standards, a requirement that most electricity network operators insist on.

Do taxes or duties have to be paid when a balcony power plant is operated?

The 2022 Annual Tax Act introduced changes that exempt smaller systems up to a capacity of 30 kWp on single-family homes from tax. This also applies if excess energy is fed into the public grid for a fee. Despite this regulation, expert advice from a tax advisor remains essential.