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Balcony power plant connection: what needs to be considered?

Balcony power plant connection: what needs to be considered?

In this blog article we give you valuable tips and important information about connecting your solar system. We would like to explain these steps to you as simply and efficiently as possible. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time!

1. Network operators and specifications:

Before connecting, clarify the applicable requirements with your network operator. Some carriers offer simplified sign-up, while others have specific requirements for installation. Meet these to ensure smooth feed-in.

2. Bi-directional meter and energy connector:

It is important to have a suitable bi-directional meter with a backstop for the correct measurement of solar power. Some network operators also require an energy connector according to the VDE V 0628-1 standard. Pay attention to compatibility.

3. Assembly and inverter:

Mounting your mini solar system is easy with our special mounting system. Connect the solar modules to the powerful micro inverter, either HERF-400 or HERF-800 depending on the set. This enables efficient electricity generation.

4. Registration with the network operator:

As soon as your solar system is installed, register it with the network operator. Use our free registration service to minimize bureaucratic effort and concentrate on the important things.

5. Registration in the market master data register:

Don't forget to register your mini solar system in the Federal Network Agency's market master data register. This is a legal requirement and essential for the registration of solar systems in Germany.

6. Energy measurement via smart app:

For even more control, we offer you the option of measuring and monitoring the energy production of your solar system using a smart app. This means you always have a full overview of your green electricity.

Conclusion: Sustainable energy made easy

Connecting your balcony power plant is child's play with our comprehensive tips and practical registration service. Enjoy the advantages of environmentally friendly energy production and make your contribution to the energy transition. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!
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