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Funding for balcony power plants in Baden-Württemberg: A comprehensive guide

Funding for balcony power plants in Baden-Württemberg: A comprehensive guide

Green energy from your own balcony: funding opportunities in Baden-Württemberg

A balcony power plant offers both tenants and homeowners an excellent opportunity to actively participate in the energy transition. These plug-in solar systems are particularly user-friendly thanks to their plug-and-play functionality - simply plug in and energy production begins. In the long term, they help reduce electricity costs. Various federal states and cities promote the acquisition of such systems. In our guide you will find out how you can benefit from these subsidies and significantly reduce your expenses for balcony power plants.

Balcony power plants are experiencing an impressive boom in Stuttgart. In 2022, Stuttgarter Netze, the local network operator, registered the installation of 132 of these systems - a more than three-fold increase compared to the previous year. However, the actual number is believed to be much higher because many households do not officially register their mini solar systems.

This trend clearly shows that more and more people want to take their power supply into their own hands. The increased interest in an independent energy supply has undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of balcony power plants. The developments in Stuttgart are a reflection of a nationwide trend in Baden-Württemberg, a federal state that is ahead in Germany when it comes to renewable energy. With a series of laws and programs to promote renewable energies, Baden-Württemberg is setting strong accents for a greener future.

Electricity generation through solar energy is particularly interesting for residents in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. According to data collected by the DWD (German Weather Service), the sun shone the most in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria in 2023, with 1,855 hours of sunshine each in these federal states. In addition to numerous attractive regional subsidies, the geographical location for self-generated electricity from solar energy could hardly be better.

The installation of a balcony power plant can be rewarded with a bonus of up to 500 euros. However, this financial support is not available across the board as funding programs vary significantly at regional level. To give you an overview of which cities or federal states offer which type of funding and how you can apply for this funding, we have created a detailed list.

Municipal funding for balcony power plants in Baden-Württemberg

  • Dettingen : In Dettingen, the acquisition costs are subsidized with 50 euros per module, but a maximum of 100 euros per system.
  • Freiburg : Citizens of the city of Freiburg can receive a flat rate of 200 euros per system.
  • Friedrichshafen : There are 300 euros for installing a balcony power plant, provided the system has a minimum output of 300 watts.
  • Friolzheim : The city of Friolzheim offers a grant of 100 euros for each system installed, limited to systems with a maximum output of up to 600 watts and a total of 50 systems.
  • Heddesheim : Here each module is funded with 100 euros, but a maximum of two modules.
  • Heidelberg : The city of Heidelberg covers 50% of the purchase costs, up to an amount of 750 euros, especially for owners of the Heidelberg Pass(+).
  • Kehl : The city of Kehl supports each applicant with 200 euros through the “Climate-Friendly Living” program; socially disadvantaged people even receive 300 euros.
  • Konstanz : The city of Konstanz grants a flat-rate subsidy of 200 euros towards the connection costs per system and residential unit.
  • Kornwestheim : The purchase of a balcony power plant is supported with 200 euros per system.
  • Lörrach : The municipality of Lörrach offers 200 euros for the installation of systems with an output of up to 600 watts.
  • Ludwigsburg : The city of Ludwigsburg supports 300 euros, for holders of the LudwigsburgCard even up to 800 euros, for solar systems up to 600 watts.
  • Neubulach : The municipality of Neubulach staggers the funding at 50 euros for systems of 300 watts and 100 euros for up to 600 watts.
  • Schwetzingen : Schwetzingen supports up to 300 euros, but a maximum of 30 percent of the purchase price.
  • Stuttgart : The city of Stuttgart offers 100 euros in financial support for each system installed.
  • Tübingen : Tübingen grants 200 euros for systems with an output of between 150 and 600 watts, a maximum of 30 percent of the eligible investment costs. There is additional support for district bonus card holders.
  • Ulm : The city of Ulm covers 50% of the acquisition costs per system and household, up to a maximum of 250 euros.
  • Walldorf : Walldorf pays up to 300 euros per residential unit, a maximum of 50 percent of the eligible costs.
  • Weinheim : The city of Weinheim supports each module with a flat rate of 50 euros, up to two modules with a total of 100 euros.


By using these tips and advice, purchasing a balcony power plant in Baden-Württemberg can turn out to be a worthwhile and profitable investment. With support from funding programs and commitment at the state and federal levels, the state is developing into an ideal place for investments in renewable energies. This not only promotes environmental protection, but also relieves the burden on the household budget.

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