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With these instructions, we support you in the most important steps towards trouble-free integration of your power plant. We would be happy to take over this effort for you.

In just a few steps to your mini power plant

For the use of a mini solar system, a few steps are required before commissioning. Here you get a simple overview and we support you every step of the way to your own green energy source.

These important steps you must note

No worries! We will be happy to help you keep track and ensure that you can install your mini power plant without any problems. Our experts will be happy to advise and support you.

Determination of the appropriate place
Check your preferred location for viability.

It is important that there is always a power source in close proximity. Of course you should prefer a location with high solar radiation. For more guidance on potential savings based on your location, see our Yield Calculator. In addition, the position of the sun can affect energy production at different times of the year.

Consultation with your landlord or homeowners association (not applicable for homeowners)

A mini solar system can be set up on your balcony, terrace, carport or in the garden. However, if you intend to install the module on the facade or the outside of the balcony, approval from your landlord or community of owners is usually required, as the external appearance of the building will be changed. Keep in mind that some installations may also require municipal building permits.

Choice of mini solar system

Choose a mini solar system that suits your local conditions. It should also be adapted to your individual consumption profile. When ordering, make sure that you order a mini solar system with the right plug for you and, if necessary, a meter to be able to track how much electricity your system is generating. You can find out which system is suitable for you in our blog post. Keep in mind that different types of plants can have different benefits.

Registration with the energy supplier

Your mini solar system must be registered with the local energy supplier. Balkonvolt already provides this service free of charge for more than 270 energy suppliers throughout Germany.

To make use of this service, simply register in our service area and we will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you can register yourself. You can find information on this in the service area of ​​our website.

As part of the registration, it is checked whether you have already installed a bidirectional counter or a counter with a backstop. If this is not the case, the energy supplier will usually replace the meter free of charge. This process is usually completed in less than 10 minutes. With an old turntable counter, it can happen that your counter runs backwards and the counter reading is falsified.

When registering, some energy suppliers expressly require that a Wieland plug be installed. So you prohibit the use of a mini solar system with a safety plug. However, these requirements are outside the jurisdiction of an energy supplier, which ends at the meter box. It is therefore up to you to decide which plug is installed.

Please note: Unfortunately, it can happen that an energy supplier does not offer a simplified registration or has unjustified requirements for registration. Therefore, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. The best way to do this is to use the Balkonvolt registration service . We take over all further steps for you. Remember we are always here to help.

Installation of the mini solar system

Now install the mini solar system yourself and observe the specifications in the operating instructions. If you have registered the mini solar system with the energy supplier, do not start it up until a meter with a backstop or a bidirectional meter has been installed. You can find more information on this topic in our FAQ section and on the blog. It is important that you consider safety when installing.

Registration of your mini solar system

Your mini solar system must be registered in the system register of the Federal Network Agency, the so-called market master data register.

If you use our registration service , you do not have to take any further steps in this regard. Balkonvolt takes over the registration with the energy supplier for you and at the same time the registration in the market master data register.

If you would like to register yourself, you can do so on the Market Master Data Register page. Please keep in mind that proper registration is essential for the smooth operation of your facility.

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