FlatRoofVolt Solo 400

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Included in the set
  • 1 solar module: Choice of 380 or 405 Wp glass film or glass glass
  • 1 micro inverter (400 watts)
  • 1 mounting kit for your flat roof
  • 1 Schuko connection cable (3, 5, or 10 meters)
  • Accessories: solar panel corner protectors
  • Optional: DCU measurement & throttling incl. app
  • Optional: DC extension cable

Attention: Ballasting stones not included. For ballasting, we recommend paving slabs measuring 30x30x4 cm or 30x30x5 cm.

solar panel: SOLARWATT Panel vision AM 4.0 405 W Black Glass-Glass
Schuko connection cable: 5 m

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solar panel: SOLARWATT Panel vision AM 4.0 405 W Black Glass-Glass
Schuko connection cable: 5 m


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The FlachDachVolt Solo set is the optimal solution for anyone who has a flat roof and wants to transform it into a sustainable power source. With a high-quality solar module and a powerful micro inverter, you can use solar energy and generate your own clean electricity.

The Solo set is perfect for flat roofs and allows you to easily and efficiently convert sunlight into electricity. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to generate your own electricity while reducing your energy costs, this set is the right choice. Assembly is straightforward and does not require complex installations.

scope of delivery

The Flat Roof Volt Solo set includes the HERF-N mounting system for the flat roof, a SOLARWATT or Meyer Burger panel, the powerful micro inverter HERF-400, a Schuko connection cable (3, 5, or 10 meters) and 4x Balcony Volt panel protectors each module. Optionally, you can add the SmartLife meter, the Smart App communication unit or a DC extension cable to monitor your home's energy consumption.

  • 1x micro inverter HERF-400: The powerful micro inverter converts the direct current generated by your solar module into efficient alternating current.
  • 1x SOLARWATT panel or Meyer Burger panel: The high-quality solar module efficiently generates electricity from solar energy and is durable and weather-resistant.
  • 1x HERF-N mounting system for flat roofs: A robust and reliable mounting system that was specially developed for installing solar modules on flat roofs.
  • 1x Schuko connection cable in different lengths for connecting to the power grid.
  • Optional: Smart App Communication Unit: This unit allows you to monitor the operation of your solar system and track your home's energy consumption. It can be optionally added to better monitor your energy production and usage.
  • Optional: SmartLife measuring device (Wifi smart plug IP44): Monitors the energy consumption of your home and makes the data available on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Optional: DC extension cable

Attention: Ballasting stones not included.


solar panels

Meyer Burger

Product guarantee: 30 years
Performance guarantee: 30 years

1.0% degradation in the 1st year

0.2% annual degradation

solar watts

Product warranty: 15 years (extendable to 20 years)
Performance guarantee: 25 years

25 year performance guarantee
to 84.8% nominal power according to "Warranty conditions for
solar watts”

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We take care of the registration with your network operator and the registration in the market master data register.


Our solar modules are from Solarwatt and Meyer Burger. The leading manufacturers in the field of renewable energies.


The exact guarantee for the product and service can be found in the "Warranty" section.

Test winner 2022 / 2023


The DGS safety standard 0001:2019-10 guarantees that the plug-in solar modules can be operated just as safely as the larger photovoltaic systems.

For every weather condition