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EEG 2023: Remuneration and innovations - What will change for you

EEG 2023: Remuneration and innovations - What will change for you

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is an important legal basis for the expansion of renewable energies in Germany. Among other things, it regulates the feed-in tariff for solar power and other renewable energies. In 2023 there will be some changes to the EEG that can also have an impact on your balcony power plant.

One of the most important innovations concerns the feed-in tariff for solar systems . In 2023, the compensation for newly installed solar systems will be slightly reduced. This means that you will receive a slightly lower remuneration for the solar power fed in than before. The exact amount of the feed-in tariff depends on various factors, such as the size of your mini solar system and the time of commissioning. You can use the Stiftung Warentest calculator to calculate the return on your balcony power system free of charge

Despite the slight reduction in the feed-in tariff, the use of a balcony power plant remains economically attractive. Because with a balcony power plant you generate your own green electricity and reduce your electricity costs. You also benefit from the self-consumption allowance by using the solar power generated directly and thus reducing your need for grid power.

Another important change in the EEG concerns self-supply with solar power . From 2023, owners of balcony power plants who use the electricity they generate themselves and do not feed it into the public grid will have to pay an EEG surcharge on their own consumption. The EEG levy is levied on the solar power consumed and is a contribution to promoting the expansion of renewable energies.

Despite the EEG levy, self-supply with balcony power plants is still a worthwhile option. Because the solar power you use yourself saves you electricity costs and reduces your need for grid power. With an intelligent energy management system, you can optimize your own consumption and thus reduce the EEG levy to a minimum.

Another innovation in the EEG concerns the system registration in the market master data register (MaStR) . From 2023, mini solar systems such as balcony power plants must also be registered in the MaStR. The registration requirement applies to both newly installed and existing systems. The registration serves to record and monitor all solar systems in Germany and is important for transparency and planning of the expansion of renewable energies.

Our company Balconvolt supports you in registering your balcony power plant in the MaStR. We ensure that your mini solar system meets all legal requirements and that you can benefit from the full remuneration. With a balcony power plant from Balconvolt you can rely on a reliable and future-proof energy supply. Please use our registration service .
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