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Which facility is right for you?

Which facility is right for you?

We know that each of our customers has unique requirements and needs. That's why we would like to help you in this article to find the perfect system for your individual application. Whether you have a garden, want to use a flat roof, have a pitched roof or want to use your balcony in the city as a solar power plant - you will find the right solution with us!

Garden - Natural energy generation:

Our GardenVolt sets are specifically designed for use in gardens. You have the option of cleverly placing the solar modules on your lawn or in a sunny spot. How to use the sun's abundant energy to operate your electrical devices in an environmentally friendly way. If you own an allotment, state-specific regulations may apply. Before purchasing a solar set, find out more from the responsible body. This much can be said from our side: There is no general rule as to whether a solar system is permitted in an allotment garden or not. In many cases, permission depends on sizing. Our solar panels have different sizes:

Flat roof - energy generation on roofs:

If you have a flat roof and want to use it efficiently, our flat roof volt sets are the ideal choice. Thanks to our special brackets, you can install the solar modules on your flat roof in a space-saving and aesthetically pleasing manner. Planning a PV/solar system on a flat roof requires a property-specific approach. This includes checking the suitability of the construction, precise measurements including all penetrations and built-in parts as well as taking into account the statics and securing against wind suction forces.

Pitched roof - use maximum solar radiation:

Our pitched roof volt sets are perfect for making maximum use of solar energy. Install the solar modules on your pitched roof and benefit from high energy yield. You can individually adjust the inclination and orientation of the modules to achieve the best possible efficiency.
You will achieve the highest yield with an orientation exactly south and an inclination of 36 degrees. At an inclination of 90 degrees, the yield is still 70 percent.

Balcony - generating electricity in the city:

For city dwellers with limited space, our Balcony Volt sets are the ideal solution. Install the solar modules easily and in a space-saving manner on your balcony and generate your own environmentally friendly electricity. Enjoy the freedom of generating energy in urban areas and do something good for the environment at the same time.

FlexiVolt - freedom without a bracket:

Our FlexiVolt set is the perfect choice if you want maximum flexibility in the placement of your mini solar system. You can position the solar panels however you want without the need for brackets. Use the FlexiVolt sets for mobile applications, temporary energy supply or where conventional holders are not possible. Experience the freedom of generating environmentally friendly electricity wherever you need it. We would be happy to advise you on the individual implementation of your project.

Solo vs Duo:

When selecting your system, you have the option to choose between solo and duo sets. The Solo sets are equipped with our powerful HERF-400 micro inverter, a premium solar module and a mounting set, while the Duo sets use the HERF-800 inverter and are equipped with two premium solar modules and two mounting sets. If you want an independent power supply for a specific application, the Solo Set is an excellent choice. The Duo Sets, on the other hand, are ideal if you want to combine several applications or expand your energy production. With our Duo Sets you have even more options for generating green energy and reducing your own ecological footprint.

If you have a greater need for solar sets, please feel free to contact us and you will receive an individual offer with a volume discount from us.


Our mini solar systems offer you the opportunity to generate environmentally friendly electricity yourself and reduce your ecological footprint. Choose the right set according to your application and choose solo or duo, depending on your individual needs. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support to find the perfect solution for you! Invest in a sustainable future and benefit from the numerous advantages of our balcony voltage sets.
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